History of Axereal in Croatia

Poljoprivredno prehrambeni kompleks d.o.o.

Axereal, agricultural food cooperatives and food processing groups, enter the Croatian market

In 2001, buying the Poljoprivredno prehrambeni kompleks Ltd. for agricultural production.

During past 17 years we have developed a malting barley program that meets the needs of the company Slavonia Slad Ltd. for prime raw material in the production of top malt.

The cooperative has expanded over the years to other cultures.

In 2018. commercial activity and trade are completely transferred to the sister company Axereal Croatia.

Poljoprivredno prehrambeni kompleks remains a strategic partner in multiplying high-yielding varieties of barley, wheat and soy for the needs of Axereal Croatia.


Flexible logistics from the producer to the manufacturer.

Axereal has a dense network of purchasing sites in Croatia , we can quick and accurate distribution near production areas.

Transportation of high quality products in Croatia and abroad, with the expert help of our logistics.

Axereal Croatia was established in 2015. to strengthen the existing commercial technology team and expand sales of high quality certified seed of high yield varieties.

Our sales force of agricultural commodities market specialists is capable of sourcing products tocustomer specifications from both our own cereal collection and external sources.