CSR strategy

We are fully aware that world we live in is undergoing profound and rapid change. Globalisation now shapes both trade and production. It is driving a number of developments, constraints and expectations.

It is up to us whether we simply tolerate them or identify opportunities on which to build a future for our organisation.

Social Responsibility

As an organisation that sits at the heart of a changing ecosystem, Acereal Croatia is committed to its strategy and bases its approach on the idea of creating value for its customers, its employees and its members.

We are committed to improving our economic, social and environmental performance.

Developing sustainable and competitive sectors

Our ambition is to be a strategic partner to manufacturer and food industry buyers who share our vision of a more responsible society.


Innovations in the agricultural production sector, new ideas for products and processes are our way of giving our farmers a tool and contributing to creating value and encouraging them to persevere in socially responsible production.

Watching over the health and safety of staff

Managers and all staff contribute to our risk prevention strategy by feeding back ideas from the workplace, because each and every one of us can think up new ways to prevent accidents.