Axereal Croatia

Axereal Croatia

Axereal Croatia is part of the French group Axereal consisting of 100 various companies in several countries.

To meet customers needs in Croatia for quality seeds and secure market for processed raw materials in 2015.  Axereal Croatita begins with work.

The network of purchasing sites is expanding.

The support of our technical commercial service is now even more accessible.

Through its production of barley, Axereal is well-known in the world, as well as in Croatia.

We contract production of malting barley in Croatia for the needs of the company Slavonia Slad in Nova Gradiška.

The finest malt from only the finest raw material is then sold to domestic and foreign breweries.

The production activity of Axereal in Croatia is unique since Poljoprivredno prehrambeni kompleks grows its own seed production on its own acreage.

On 2,6 thousand hectares we produce more then 5 thousand tons of wheat seed, barley seed, soybeans seed.

On the basis regulation compliance Axereal offers to its producers and contracting partners certified seed from quality controlled origins.

Production activity of Axereal in Croatia contains the following spheres:  wheat, malting barley, feed barley, soybean, corn, rapeseed and sunflower.

The grain chain begins on our members’ farms!

Axereal meets its manufacturer and customers requirements by using its agronomy, logistics and trading expertise to support farmers as they produce and sell their products.

The 3 keys to our economic responsibility

From local to international

High – quality products

A vision for the future