“Moving forward together into a new world. ”

Jean-François Loiseau, Axereal Chairman of Axereal, and Paul-Yves L’Anthoën, CEO

The period in which we live is entering a new phase. This is a phase of heightened health and safety measures which must be rigorously implemented in the long-term to continue the fight against the spread of Covid-19. During this phase we will also need to devote all of our energy to serving our farmers and customers as they continue their activity.

Whilst there are signs that the economy will gradually recover, strict application of preventative and protective measures must continue for our farmers, staff and partners. Our collective experience shows our effective response to the first phase of this new health challenge and our successful adaptation to the new context. We need to continue this effort in the long-term for what is now our daily life.

It is now accepted that the crisis will have a lasting impact on consumption, including food consumption. And yet this crisis has highlighted how vital our entire production chain is, reminding us of the valuable work done by our farmers and those across the sector. Production, collection, processing, logistics and distribution – from the beginning of the crisis the commitment, solidarity and professionalism our specialist sectors have shown has been applauded by our society for whom food supply has become an essential issue.

We know that the lifting of the lockdown period does not mean a return to life as it was before. This post-lockdown period will be long, will last several months and will have a strong economic impact. In the face of the many challenges that await us, the efficiency, passion and usefulness of each one of us will be the driving force of our commitment at Axereal in serving our farmers, customers and consumers.

Jean-François Loiseau, Axereal Chairman
Paul-Yves L’Anthoën, CEO.