Axereal attends the European Commodities Exchange in Brussels

This is the most important annual event for the international grain and agri-food industry. The aim over the two days is to bring together the various players in the sector and explore new opportunities for the grain market and other agricultural products. Marketing and supply teams from Axereal, International Trade, Boortmalt and Central Europe were there to strengthen the network and meet their clients and new leads.

At the Axereal stand, events were managed by Yahia Chabanne, head of developing the micro-brewery market in France. He arranged for our brewery clients to taste Belgian, French, Irish and British beers. The idea was to communicate about our four brands of specialised malts for the artisanal beer market. Yahia introduced visitors to the subtlety of the malt varieties and their effects on beer production.

On the private side of the stand, the emphasis was on the Group’s CultivUp project which aims to promote the know-how of members and the quality of their products, and to promote sustainable agriculture to industrial clients. Carmen Dechêne, who runs the Group’s CSR programme, was alongside sales reps to convey the CultivUp message to clients.

The Group’s Vice-Chairman, Bruno Bouvat-Martin, also made the trip to demonstrate once again his support and that of the Board of Directors for all sales staff.

With the exchange being held just 100 kilometres from our Antwerp malting plant, this was too good an occasion not to promote the Group’s malting business. On Thursday night, sales reps invited a group of special clients on a tour of the malting plant to show off our equipment and, in particular, the fourth malting tower currently under construction on the site. The day was rounded off with a festive dinner with the clients at the Maison des Brasseurs (the Brewer’s House) in Brussels’ old town.

This 57th edition of the exchange attracted more than 3,500 participants from 56 countries. See you in 2018 at a French export hub: Rouen.